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Doreen Amanor
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Pay4Me Overview

Pay4Me allows you to acquire assets more easily using contributions from your personal network (e.g., friends and family). Pay4Me users can buy mobile phones, laptops, sewing machines, etc. by simply selecting an item and sharing a link on WhatsApp, any private social media platform of your choice, or directly with your personal network. How it works: To use Pay4Me, you must download the Motito app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, select an item, and create a campaign. When creating a campaign, you will be required to enter a title and description. The title is the purpose of the campaign (e.g., "Laptop for school"). Keep it short and concise. The description is where you can elaborate on the intent (e.g., "My final year exams are coming up and I need this to complete my project work and study for the upcoming exams"). The success of your campaign can depend on how well you craft your campaign message. So I suggest you put some thought into it. Sharing your campaign link: After you have created a campaign, a private link is generated for you. You can share this link with your network on WhatsApp, Telegram, or any private direct messaging platform. The link will display the item you intend to purchase, the price, and the progress of your campaign (e.g., 50% complete). If your sponsors decide to support you, they can make payments directly using the link. Note: Your sponsors can use the link regardless of the country they are in; therefore, it is not limited to Ghana alone. Processing your Order: Once your campaign is complete, we will begin to process your order and give you the option to have the item delivered or to pick it up. We know that market prices are volatile, so we will lock the price of the item for 30 days. Note: Not all items on the Motito app currently support Pay4Me. We are working on gradually increasing the number of items we support with Pay4Me. FAQ

Last updated on Sep 19, 2023