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Doreen Amanor
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Navigating the App

There are 4 menus at the bottom of your home screen including home, shops, orders and profile. Let’s explore all 4 Home Screen This is your welcome screen designed to simplify your experience with the app. It has your name and picture, notification bell, question mark sign, spending limit, recommended stores and offerings. The Question mark sign(?) This is located at the top right corner on the home screen. It is designed to give you the needed support with 3 groupings: 1. “Learn More About Motito” This has the FAQ 2. “Contact Support” This is a live chat feature to chat directly with customer support. 3. “Request A Callback” To request a call from customer support. Shops This menu has featured products as well as your favorite shops. Click on your preferred to check out amazing inventory at unbeatable prices. Orders Here, there are “upcoming” showing your expected installments after placing an order and “all orders” summarizing all the orders placed on the app. Profiles Under this feature, there is “General” which includes permissions, app setting, contact support, help center as well as invite a friend giving you the seamless opportunity to share the good news with friends and families. The next feature is “ Legal”. Under this, you will find Motito’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. We encourage you to take a read in order to understand what we are about. The “log-out” feature is to protect your account from fraudulent activities. We advise you not to share your password with anyone. In the event it is compromised, you can reset your password. Lastly, under this menu shows the app version you are using. We are constantly updating the app to give you the best user experience. Always ensure you are using the latest version.

Last updated on Sep 21, 2023